The Orphos Fi8 was designed to bring innovation and aesthetics to otherwise purely functional items, so it feels right at home on modern powerboat’s targas and cabintops. Its sleek looks draw attention during the day, and at night the sidelight’s unique design will make any powerboat stand out in the crowd.


// Electrical installation is easy with a single cable running from the Fi8 assembly to the electrical panel.

// IP67 rated electrical connectors and sealed light fixtures.

// USCG-approved sidelights, all-round white light, and anchor light.

// No more routing cables to each device, no concerns about leakage, and easy removal for storage are just some of the advantages of the Fi8 unit.

// Reduced costs in labor and parts, plus reduced complexity in stock management, since a single assembly-base-cable unit will replace a myriad of parts, connectors, wires, bolts, screws, and associated hardware.

// Slide-in, snap-on main assembly and mast. Easy to remove and store for the winter. No maintenance needed.

// Unique, patented light-conducting mast – no wires, bulbs or connectors in masthead assembly.

Megaleds Ind, ORPHOS - IBEX Innovation Award Winner 2018

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